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Whenever he creates, something happens among lovers of film. Whenever he speaks through this wonderful medium I just have to listen. And while not all of his tales are equally impressive, they are always unique in style, content and themes. I find it amazing that a director who has received so much acclaim…. Paul Thomas Anderson is The Master. He is a filmmaker with grand visions, a director whose loyal followers pour over every word and dissect every scene and a writer who explores the failings and extremes of Man. Above all he is a hopelessly inquisitive man always striving forward and never burdened by contemporary fashion.

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And just like Lancaster Dodd, the charismatic false prophet at the centre of this film, his latest work is his most challenging, dense, contradictory and elusive to date. Each new Anderson film is accompanied by unrealistic expectation. It would not be hyperbole to suggest he is one of the last truly great American filmmakers still at the peak of their creative powers. Yet with such a…. The restless ocean that looks so calm from afar, like Freddy Quell who mumbles his sentences as he speaks but upon closer inspection, has a tremendous amount of energy balled up inside him ready to be released, a nuclear core of a human being.

Two drunk men talking to each other. One asks the questions and the other one answers. That's it. No flashy camera movements, no breathtaking scenery. Paul Thomas Anderson used only a conversation, close-ups and some over the shoulder shots to craft one of the best scenes of all time. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. Freddie is a bad dog. He keeps running away from home.

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He stumbles on a new master who loves him very much and tries to teach him to behave. Freddie loves his new master very much too, and tries to learn new tricks for him. Unfortunately, the call of the wild proves too much for Freddie and he runs away again.

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After a time, he returns to the master he loves so much only to find that his master has made the very difficult realization that Freddie will never be happy on a leash. And so Freddie's master has to let Freddie go. Freddie is sad to leave, but realizes that he can survive in the wild. Freddie is loose, Freddie is happy, Freddie is his own master now. First of all, still thinking about Amy Adams after they are kicked out of the party ripping her mask off and becoming an entirely new character in a way that catalyzes some kind of tangled string spiral of doubt and self righteousness in everyone for the rest of movie.

Secondly, I really want to be Lancaster Dodd in that green bowler shirt with a cowboy hat, gun, mustache, and a box of his unpublished works for Halloween. It's fine if no one recognizes it because it was a Look anyways. Overall this movie really solidified my love for PTA's specific shade of grey area between fantasy and secular. There's something very gentle about this movie considering it's about so many…. Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of his craft and we have all been once again, treated with this masterclass in acting, directing and writing.

This is a ravishingly magnetic piece of work, beautifully orchestrated with the help of top notch acting from the likes of Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.