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She was cofounder of the Discalced Carmelites along with St. John of the Cross. Format: Digital. Publishers: Thomas Baker , T. Be the first to rate this. Product Details Title: Works of St. Teresa of Jesus Minor Works of St. Teresa The Way of Perfection. The Book of the Foundations of S. Jones Publication Date: Pages: The Letters of Saint Teresa, vol.

The Life of St. Minor Works of St. Teresa and much more! Gods omnipresence. Renewal of vows in our Ladys hands. An effect of the spiritual marriage. Gods presence in the soul.

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The indwelling of the Blessed Trinity. Intellectual vision of the Lords nearness. Vision of Father Gratian. The feast of the Presentation of our Lady in the temple. Account of her spiritual life for the Inquisitor of Seville. The degrees of infused prayer. Changing confessors. Selflove and the desire for penance.

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The present state of her spiritual life. Separation from God. Solitude and thirst for souls. Merciful Redeemer and just Judge. After her death and the marriage of her eldest sister, Teresa was sent for her education to the Augustinian nuns at Avila, but owing to illness she left at the end of eighteen months, and for some years remained with her father and occasionally with other relatives, notably an uncle who made her acquainted with the Letters of St.

Jerome, which determined her to adopt the religious life, not so much through any attraction towards it, as through a desire of choosing the safest course. Unable to obtain her father's consent she left his house unknown to him on Nov. The wrench from her family caused her a pain which she ever afterwards compared to that of death.

Works of St. Teresa of Ávila (8 vols.)

However, her father at once yielded and Teresa took the habit. After her profession in the following year she became very seriously ill, and underwent a prolonged cure and such unskillful medical treatment that she was reduced to a most pitiful state, and even after partial recovery through the intercession of St.

Joseph, her health remained permanently impaired. During these years of suffering she began the practice of mental prayer, but fearing that her conversations with some world-minded relatives, frequent visitors at the convent, rendered her unworthy of the graces God bestowed on her in prayer, discontinued it, until she came under the influence, first of the Dominicans, and afterwards of the Jesuits.

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Meanwhile God had begun to visit her with "intellectual visions and locutions", that is manifestations in which the exterior senses were in no way affected, the things seen and the words heard being directly impressed upon her mind, and giving her wonderful strength in trials, reprimanding her for unfaithfulness, and consoling her in trouble. Unable to reconcile such graces with her shortcomings, which her delicate conscience represented as grievous faults, she had recourse not only to the most spiritual confessors she could find, but also to some saintly laymen, who, never suspecting that the account she gave them of her sins was greatly exaggerated, believed these manifestations to be the work of the evil spirit.

The more she endeavored to resist them the more powerfully did God work in her soul. The whole city of Avila was troubled by the reports of the visions of this nun. It was reserved to St. Francis Borgia and St. The account of her spiritual life contained in the "Life written by herself" completed in , an earlier version being lost , in the "Relations", and in the "Interior Castle", forms one of the most remarkable spiritual biographies with which only the "Confessions of St.

Augustine" can bear comparison. To this period belong also such extraordinary manifestations as the piercing or transverberation of her heart, the spiritual espousals, and the mystical marriage. A vision of the place destined for her in hell in case she should have been unfaithful to grace, determined her to seek a more perfect life. After many troubles and much opposition St.

Joseph at Avila 24 Aug. Four years later she received the visit of the General of the Carmelites, John-Baptist Rubeo Rossi , who not only approved of what she had done but granted leave for the foundation of other convents of friars as well as nuns. In the "Book of Foundations" she tells the story of these convents, nearly all of which were established in spite of violent opposition but with manifest assistance from above. Serge Gruzinski. The Jesuit Missions to China and Peru, Ana Carolina Hosne. Characters Of The Inquisition. William Thomas Walsh. Mary, Mother and Warrior. Linda B.

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