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Perhaps it is her guilt at this that makes her push herself to work harder at her day job, even when she despairs of really making a difference. Nina sat there for a bit. She could get a new job, she thought suddenly. Mortal fear. That was what was wrong with [her patient]. Chronic anxiety that was turning into [a] permanent state of panic. How could she be expected to treat that with a few platitudes and a couple of aspirins? It was wrong. No, it was more than wrong—it was reprehensible.

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So in spite of her best intentions to keep the promise she made to Morten, Nina finds herself involved with a group of Hungarian Roma immigrants whose children have been affected by a mysterious sickness. Also caught in this deadly web is a young Hungarian man, Sandor Horvath, who just wants to complete his law degree and quietly forget his past. Unfortunately for him, that past returns with a vengeance when his half-brother, Tamas, shows up at his college dorm one afternoon and asks to use his computer.

On his journey, he struggles to reconcile the identity he was forced to cast aside with the one he wants to embrace, as he considers the words of the woman he loves:. What if he could stop being just half a person? Somewhere deep down, he knew perfectly well that that was why he backed down so easily, why he never stood up to confrontation, why he was afraid of the authorities and walked away from most fights—even the most important ones.

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