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Also included is Rtusamharam The Gathering of the Seasons a much-neglected poem that deserves to be known better. Taken together these works provide a window to the remarkable world and work of a poet of whom it was said: 'Once, when poets were counted, Kalidasa occupied the little finger; the ring finger remains unnamed true to its name; for his second has not been found.

She is also involved in a long-term project for the Sahitya Akademi--a translation of the complete works of Kalidasa. It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience. SapnaOnline provides online shopping for over 10 Million Book Titles in various languages and genres. Shopping is made easy through the easy checkout process with High Security offerings like Bit SSL Certificate provided by Global Safe Security Providers-Verisign so that your online transactions are absolutely safe and secured.

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Hello World, this is a test. Login Please enter your login details. Forgot password? Remember Me? Forgot Password? It happens, just reset it in a minute. Sorry, incorrect details. Welcome back pal! Penguin UK. Popular Prakashan. Devadhar Motilal Banarsidass.

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Srinivasachariar History of Classical Sanskrit Literature. Krishnamoorthy Eng Kalindi Charan Panigrahi. Sahitya Akademi. Journal of the American Oriental Society. History of Indian Literature. Williams Jackson. Raghavan, V. January—March Indian Literature. Ram Gopal 1 January Concept Publishing Company. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sanskrit drama , Classical literature. Epic poetry , Puranas.

Wouldst thou the young year's blossoms and the fruits of its decline And all by which the soul is charmed, enraptured, feasted, fed, Wouldst thou the earth and heaven itself in one sole name combine? I name thee, O Sakuntala! Series Aussie stars series 12 books. Series Australia's great war series 5 books. Series Australian Library series 21 books. Series The secret histories series 4 books. Series The Seven signs series 7 books. Publisher University of Queensland Press, Publisher University of Western Australia Press, Series Crawf's kick it to Nick series 8 books.

Series Aussie bites 84 books. Publisher Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, Down the hole: up the tree, across the sandhills, running from the state and Daisy Bates. Series Matilda saga series 5 books. Series Felix series 5 books. Series Heritage Heroes series 4 books. Series Reconciliation - for older students series 5 of 7. Series Heritage Heroes series 3 of 4. Series Heritage Heroes series 2 of 4. Series Heritage Heroes series 4 of 4. Publisher Random House Children's Books, Series My Australian story 31 books. Series My life Tom Weekly series 4 of 5.

Series My life Tom Weekly series 1 of 5. Series My life Tom Weekly series 3 of 5. Series My life Tom Weekly series 2 of 5. Series My life Tom Weekly series 5 of 5. Series My life Tom Weekly series 5 books. Series Mysterious world of Cosentino series 4 books. Series Riddle Gully series 3 books. Series Australian Library series 19 of Series Felix series 3 of 5. Series Quest of the sunfish series 3 books. Series Quest of the sunfish series 2 of 3. Series Quest of the sunfish series 3 of 3. Series Reconciliation - for older students series 7 books.

Series Reconciliation in Australia seeries 6 books. Series Rugby League Reads Magazine 10 books. Series Rugby League Reads Magazine 1 of Series Rugby League Reads Magazine 2 of Series Selby series 22 books.

The Loom of Time by Kalidasa: | Books

Series Australian Library series 14 of Series Specky Magee series 1 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 5 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 7 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 8 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 4 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 6 of 8. Series Specky Magee series 8 books. Series Stopwatch series 4 books. Series Stopwatch series 3 of 4. Series Stopwatch series 1 of 4.

Series Stopwatch series 4 of 4. Series Stopwatch series 2 of 4. Series Stuff happens series 12 books. Series My life Tom Weekly series 6 of 5. Series Making tracks 17 of Publisher National Museum of Australia Press, Series Vet Cadets series 4 books. Series Vet Cadets series 2 of 4. Series Vet Cadets series 3 of 4. Series Vet Cadets series 1 of 4. When tragedy strikes and the prison bully is on the rampage, escape is the brothers only chance to survive.

So, when a bushranger takes the Captain's horse and clothes, Jem isn't a bit upset, although he is still stuck on the Captain's homestead, far from the only family he knows. But, Alfie, the cook's son, and his mate, Tommy, an Aboriginal boy, become Jem's staunch supporters, even when his decisions aren't so smart. Join the three boys as they hole up in a secret hideout, rescue a puppy and meet a real live bushranger. They are particularly interested in horse racing. But, it's a dangerous world and when Toby decides to take part in a race through the streets, he doesn't realise it will be a matter of life and death.

Still mourning the loss of his mother and baby brother, Henry helps his father mine their claim, hoping to strike it rich. But they can't afford a mining licence so are at the mercy of corrupt police. When Henry meets a new friend, he enters a world of politics, riots and rebellion that will lead him to Eureka Stockade, one of the defining moments in Australian history. Twelve year old Jimmy is now the man of the house. As Mum's health is fragile, Jimmy is forced to leave school and become the breadwinner, scraping together barely enough to cover minimal food and the rent.

When Arthur returns, badly injured, Jimmy's life gets even harder, although there's still time for football. Alex flies high above the trenches of the Western Front, while a world away his sister Maggie finds herself in the midst of political upheaval. Somehow, both must find the courage to fight on. He confronts bullies, financial hardship and prejudice but his determination and never-say-die attitude is as strong as his loyalty to his family.

When temperatures soar to 47 degrees one hot summer day, year-old Zeelie hopes the nearby bushfires everyones talking about aren't heading towards her family's new home. What will they do if the wind changes direction? What about their belongings and their beloved pets? And why hasn't her mum and brother returned from Melbourne? Nothing can prepare Zeelie for what's to come. A crocodile has entered the river on his family's property and it's hungry.

Alfred's war Alfred was just a young man when he was injured and shipped home from France. Neither honoured as a returned soldier or offered government support afforded to non-Indigenous servicemen, Alfred took up a solitary life walking the back roads - billy tied to his swag, finding work where he could. Her father is missing at sea, her brother, Teddy, is away at war and she's not allowed to speak to her best friend anymore. Alice tries to forget her worries by having a stall at the Apple Blossom Fair. But, when strange events start happening in the town, everything goes wrong.

Alice just wants the war to be over and for her life to be the same again. Alice of Peppermint Grove The war is over, summer has arrived and Alice is hopeful that life with her family will finally return to normal. However, nothing goes as expected. Her mother loses her job at the bank, the country is gripped with the deadly Spanish Influenza and there are problems between Alice and her best friend, Jilly. Even the return from Europe of Teddy, Alice's big brother, can't fix everything. Aliens, ghosts and vanishings: strange and possibly true Australian stories Have you heard these most bizarre tales from around Australia?

Did a UFO drag a family's car off the road in the middle of the outback? How did rocks rain from the sky in WA? And what became of the prime minister who went into the surf and was never seen again? Explore the strangest tales, most incredible encounters and creepiest urban legends in Australia's history. Read about the investigations and weigh up the facts, do you believe the official explanations for these weird and wonderful events? Amazing grace: an adventure at sea Imagine hearing a ship is about to sink? In 16 year old Grace Bussell hears the news of a ship that has run aground on the Australian coast near her home.

She doesn't hesitate and leaps on her horse, riding for an hour to get to the sinking ship. There, she and Sam, the family's stockman, gallop into the wild surf to save the remaining crew and passengers. Read about her courageous journey. Amelia Westlake Harriet and Wilhelmina couldn't be more dissimilar. Harriet has the perfect life - she's dating the perfect girl, has been elected prefect, is the apple of her teachers' eye, and is an overachiever. Will, on the other hand, has gained the ire of her teachers and lands more detentions than she does accolades.

But when both girls witness a teacher harass a fellow student, the two form an unlikely partnership to shed light on the many problems of the exclusive Rosemead Grammar. To protect their identities, they create Amelia Westlake, and as they work together they begin to question their distance from each other Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.

Anzac tale, An What the friends first thought would be an adventure soon turns to disaster. The day after landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April , more than Anzacs are dead. As the campaign drags on, life for Wally and Roy becomes a battle of endurance against a plucky enemy, a hostile landscape, flies, fleas, cold and disease. Anzacs at Gallipoli, The: a story for Anzac Day A simply written, moving account of Australian and New Zealand soldiers' dramatic experiences at Gallipoli, which includes extracts from their letters and diaries, along with graphic photographs.

Usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Apostle bird, The Set in the Western Australian goldfields in the s, Neil describes the sometimes violent life on the diggings. Art of taxidermy, The Lottie collects dead creatures and lovingly cares for them, hoping to preserve them, to save them from disintegration. Her father understands - Lottie has a scientific mind, he thinks. Her aunt wants it to stop, and she goes to cruel lengths to make sure it does. And her mother? Lottie's mother died long ago.

And Lottie is searching for a way to be close to her. Ash Road A group of children have to battle a bushfire with only two elderly men to help them. Aussie legends alphabet There are Australians from all works of life. Some have famously contributed to our history. Here is a list of 26 colourfully presented in alphabetical order. Aussie stars series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen. Australia's great war series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Australian Library series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Baby business Baby Business tells the story of the baby smoking ceremony that welcomes baby to country. The smoke is a blessing - it will protect the baby and remind them that they belong. This beautiful ritual is recounted in a way young children will completely relate to. Bamboo flute, The Twelve year old Paul tries to raise the spirits of his father and others during the Great Depression by reintroducing music into their lives.

A tramp, Eric the Red has shown Paul how to make a bamboo flute.

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  8. Barney and the secret of the whales Barney Bean is keen to make his fortune and he hears a secret. A sailor's secret about the treasure of the colony. But, Barney wonders how chasing whales can make you rich, and whether an adventure at sea is worth leaving everything he loves. Barrumbi kids, The Dale and Tomias, live in the outback. They have a deep love for the wild, ancient land that is their home and move easily between their Aboriginal and white cultures, until someone turns up to spoil their last year at the community school.

    Battlefront One hero lost in a raging tsunami. One sign pointing to a deadly battle. One day left until the end of After escaping from security officers, they must race to their final destination- Felix Scott's mega-ship Infinite Horizon- and decode one last deadly sign. If they don't get this right, then it's game over- not just for them, but for the whole world. But after a mind-blowing secret is revealed in Antarctica, they're in for a heart-stopping final face-to-face battle with a unimaginable enemy.

    Who will live and who will die? Beautiful mess Since Ava lost Kelly, things haven't been going so well. Even before she gets thrown out of school for shouting at the principal, there's the simmering rage and all the weird destructive choices. The only thing going right for Ava is her job at Magic Kebab. Which is where she meets Gideon. Skinny, shy, anxious Gideon.

    A mad poet and collector of vinyl records with an aversion to social media. He lives in his head. She lives in her grief. The only people who can help them move on with their lives are each other. Because of you Tiny is an eighteen-year-old girl living on the streets of Sydney, running from her small-town past.

    She finds short-term accommodation at Hope Lane - a shelter for the homeless - where she meets Nola, a high school student on volunteer placement. Both girls share their love of words through the Hope Lane writing group. Can they share their secrets, too? Becoming Aurora Sixteen year old Rory Aurora is at the crossroads in her life. While her gang plans its next move in a racially motivated turf war, Rory refuses to reveal their names and takes the rap for an attack on the local immigrant community.

    She is sentenced to community care in an aged care facility. There, she meets resident and ex-boxer Jack, an encounter that leads her to Essam, a young migrant boxer, who will challenge her prejudices and force her to address the mistakes of her past. Some violence. Usually read by Years 9, 10 or above. Adopted at birth by a white family, Kirrali doesn't question her cultural roots until a series of life-changing events force her to face up to her true identify. Her decision to search for her biological parents sparks off a political awakening that no one sees coming, least of all Kirrali. Beth: the story of a child convict After being caught stealing on the streets of London, Beth is sent to Australia as a child convict on the First Fleet.

    Through Beth's story, we discover the unbearable hardships those first convicts suffered, not only on the long journey to Sydney Cove but also in the two years of near-famine following their arrival. A story inspired by the life of the youngest female convict with the First Fleet. Birrung the secret friend Birrung, a young indigenous girl, lives with the family of Richard Johnson, chaplain to the Australian colony in When Birrung befriends orphaned Barney and Elsie, a mute, the Johnson family also takes them in. As Barney's feeling for Birrung grow, he is advised that his friendship with a 'native' girl, and all that she taught him about her language and lore, must remain a secret, forever.

    Black Cockatoo Mia rescues a dirrarn black cockatoo, and faces her biggest challenge yet when she chooses to care for the bird, knowing it is her totem animal. Mia feels powerless to change the things she sees around her, until she explores the fragile connections of family and culture and discovers her own inner strength. When Frankie first meets his new neighbour, Mickey Collins, he's not sure what to make of the scruffy, tough-talking ratbag.

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    But, when he forms a gang, Mickey soon proves he's quick on his feet and good in a fight. Black Sunday Nipper only wants to be one thing, a lifesaver. In his world, they're larger than life, walking, talking heroes. Nipper's too young but he starts to train in secret, challenging himself in the Bondi surf. But, his secret comes to light one hot Sunday in , a day that has become infamous in Australia's history. Based on a true story. Blakwork BLAKWORK is a powerful collection of memoir, reportage, fiction, satire and critique through which the themes of great loss and the desire for a different future, emerge.

    Through her innovative and powerful poetic voice, Whittaker merges her own personal experiences with her research into Australian history and political decisions, to create a fearless and unsparing portrayal of the Australia presented through other interpretations; a portrayal that challenges the readers' understanding and invites them to rethink the identity and place projected onto the traditional custodians of the land. Usually read by students in year 9, 10 and above.

    Blue cat, The It is the s and for Columba and Hilda the war seems a long way away until Ellery appears at their school, unable to speak any English. Curiosity spurs Columba's search for knowledge and understanding counterbalancing Hilda's unquestioning nationalism as the war edges ever closer to Australia's shores. The sudden appearance of the blue cat brings with it an aura of mystery and uncertainty culminating in a dramatic journey to Luna Park. Blue fin Snook joins his father on a tuna fishing expedition and disaster strikes. Blue-eyed Aborigine, The After the shipwreck of the Batavia off Western Australia in , a cabin boy and a soldier were involved in a grisly, notorious mutiny.

    Most mutineers were hanged but the two men were marooned on the mainland, becoming Australia's first European settlers. No trace of them was ever found. Later European explorers reported seeing Aboriginal Australians with blue eyes. This novel suggests what might have happened in between. Bob Livy has visited her maternal grandmother before, on her farm outside of Melbourne, Victoria - but, she was only five years old then, and she can't seem to remember much. Her grandmother shows her around, reminding her of all the fun they had last time she stayed, but only Livy seems to recall a 'wrong chicken' Bone sparrow, The Ten year old Subhi is a Rohingya asylum seeker, born in an Australian permanent detention centre, Life behind the fences is all he has ever known and Subhi needs the stories of others to build memories.

    One night, Jimmie appears from the other side of the wires, bringing a bone sparrow necklace and a notebook, written by her dead mother. As their tales unfold, Subhi and Jimmie might find a way to freedom but not until each of them has been braver than ever before. Boy overboard Jamal and Bibi are Afghani asylum seekers whose most precious possession is their soccer ball.

    They dream of being international soccer stars in a land where they don't have to worry about their ball hitting a landmine. Break your chains: The freedom finders To find freedom, you must leave behind everything you've ever known. It is You and Ma have survived on the streets of London ever since the soldiers took Da away and you fled Ireland. Now, with Ma gone too, you find yourself facing life-and-death choices at every turn. Can you carry a secret treasure across the ocean and finally be reunited with Da? You'll be asked to betray your friends, survive storms at sea and attacks by bushrangers, and trust thieves.

    At every turn, the choice is yours. How far will you go for freedom? Brindabella Pender lives with his father, in a honey coloured sandstone house with green shutters, on the edge of the bush. While out walking, Pender finds a kangaroo shot by hunters and with a joey in her pouch.

    Pender and his father rescue the young kangaroo, Brindabella, and take her home. Soon they form a close and touching friendship, but kangaroos are not dogs and Brindabella yearns to be free. Their paths do cross again but not how you would imagine. Bro What happens when you mix teenage boys, a fight club and ethnic rivalries? You get war. Romeo Makhlouf knows the rules. Stick with your own kind.

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    Don't dob on your mates or your enemies. Respect the family. But even unwritten rules are made for breaking. Brumbies of the night In the wild and stormy terrain of the Snowy Mountains, a brumby foal has died and through the roar of the flood the mother hears another foal's call for help. Bungawitta The town of Bungawitta is so dry that the youngest resident, Glory-Alice, has only ever seen rain on television. The residents have to work out how to bring people to the dying town, where the sun always shines.

    Buried ark, The Callie risked everything to try to save her sister Gracie from the Change, but she failed. Now she has to risk everything simply to stay alive in the Zone where the Change is everywhere and nothing is what it seems. Until she stumbles across a secret from her past that might hold the key to defeating the Change. Hunted and alone, she finds refuge in the most unexpected of places, only to find that she is in more danger than ever.

    This book is usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Burnt stick, The An Aboriginal boy is removed from his mother, despite her desperate efforts to disguise his fair skin by rubbing him with charcoal from a burnt stick. Bush Christmas, A It's Christmas in the bush and the sun burns hotly through the gums.

    Down the road old Rogan comes for a bite of tucker and a beer.

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    Mum's in the kitchen cooking up a turkey and plum pudding. A famous Australian poem revisited. Callie's castle Callie's Grandpa Cameron discovers a secret room in the roof of her house and it becomes her secret hideaway. Cannily, cannily Constantly moving, Trevor is always the new boy.

    His home is a caravan and school is a strange desk in an unfamiliar classroom. He has his way of coping, of fitting into each new place but this time it's different and things start to go horribly wrong. Carnage One missing, presumed dead. Two in trouble with the law. Only four remain to solve the Second Sign. Too late, they learned that the First Sign predicted catastrophic attacks which have left Egypt in chaos.

    Yasmin is missing. Many more lives are at stake. If you could be a hero, would you DARE? Seven Signs. Seven days to save the world. Her dad, a detective, is the only one who can see and hear her - and he's drowning in grief. But now they have a mystery to solve together. Who is Isobel Catching, and what's her connection to the fire that killed a man? What happened to the people who haven't been seen since the fire? As Beth unravels the mystery, she finds a shocking story lurking beneath the surface of a small town, and a friendship that lasts beyond one life and into another.

    Told in two unforgettable voices, this gripping novel interweaves themes of grief, colonial history, violence, love and family. Changing gear Merrick Hilton has done a runner. On his postie bike. With his swag and a need to clear his head before the HSC. He plays his parents and hits the road.

    But there's no telling how he'll handle life's potholes when things don't go as planned. Thankfully Victor - an old bloke he meets on the road - knows a bit about broken postie bikes, and broken hearts. Will Victor, Merrick, and the dog survive road-kill, the kindness of strangers, a rave, mindless violence and unexpected romance? There's only one way to find out. Dodging road trains by day and giant blue monsters at night, Dion weaves his way through life on an electric scooter, collecting rocks and dogs to make art.

    In his dreams he sees animals from overseas and his mother's country, Lake Nash, but every morning, without fail, he puts on his favourite socks and gets ready to feed the dogs. Is it time yet? Clancy of the Undertow In a dead-end town like Barwen, sixteen year old Clancy feels like a freak.

    She has a dysfunctional family, a real interest in Nature Club and a big crush on the local hot girl. Then, her dad is involved in a smash that kills two teenagers and the family must deal with the hostile town. Clancy meets someone who might become a friend and Sasha starts to show what may be a romantic interest. This is the summer when Clancy has to figure out just who she is. Adult themes, language.

    Usually read by years 9, 10 or above. Colour of sunshine, The Following the death of his older sister in a car accident, a nine year old boy is surrounded by the grief of his family. Comradeship: stories of friendship and recreation in wartime Millions of Australians have been affected by war. Many servicemen and servicewomen have faced extraordinary dangers, while their loved ones waiting at home suffered months, and even years, of uncertainty.

    Yet, despite the difficulties, a strong sense of shared experience, friendship, and camaraderie often developed. Corroboree It is springtime, Wirrin's favourite time of the year. He will go hunting with his father, digging with his mother and gathering with his grandmother. People are coming from far and wide for the big corroboree and Wirrin will see all his cousins.

    Cowzat At last the true, well almost, story of how cricket was invented. Told in rollicking verse and with zany illustrations, this book will bowl you over. Crawf's kick it to Nick series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Crawf's kick it to Nick: Bugs from beyond After a long first half of the season, the Crocs might finally have a chance to win a game.

    But, when mutant bugs start burrowing up from beneath the oval to attack, there may not even be a team left to take the field. If Nick and his friends can't figure out how to stop the bugs, losing the game will be the least of their problems. Crawf's kick it to Nick: Cursed cup, The It's the first footy game on the new oval and Nick and his team, the Cobar Creek Crocs, are desperate to win the golden cup. But, when the cup is removed from its cabinet, it turns into a terrifying metal monster, hungry to destroy everything in its path. Nick's not just playing for a win, he's playing for his life.

    Crawf's kick it to Nick: Fanged footys, The It's the closing round of the footy season and the Crocs plan to give it their all and finally score a victory. So, the last thing Nick and his friends need is to be confronted by a swarm of vicious fanged footballs. Nick is used to chasing footys. He never expected to be chased by them. Crawf's kick it to Nick: Footybot Face-off Nick finds school Science Week far from boring when robot prototypes known as footybots visit for a demonstration game.

    But the footybots go haywire and cause chaos on the oval. How will Nick and his teammates outplay these pint-sized pests? When Nick turns into a power-hungry, real life monster, it's hard to get the team to work together. Nick's friends must find out the cause and change him back. It doesn't get any better than this.

    But their old enemy Cactus is back. He's greener and meaner than ever and he's out to destroy football for good. Crawf's kick it to Nick: Outbreak on the oval Nick has been replaced as captain and the Crocs' chances of winning a game are looking slim. It's his worst footy nightmare come true. Nick was sure the mutant bugs had been crushed but, now, the queen bug has the whole school in her sights, and she's not happy. It's Nick, Ella and Bruiser versus the nastiest, ugliest monster ever. And at a last-minute training session Nick learns what's buried beneath the oval.

    But the freaky discovery causes a T-Rex fossil to come to life. Crimewave While Zander lies dying on the ground, the rest of the DARE Seven are left to defend themselves with only small zap guns against a massive swarm of crazed robot animals-monkeys, tigers, growling lions, wolves, gorillas, and more. It sounds like an awesome video game With the increasing intensity of The Signmaker's sinister scheme, the next sign will lead to something even more dangerous than facing a pack of deadly robots.

    Three days left to save the world. Crocodile Jack Jack is surprised but delighted when his big brother, Tom, invites him to go fishing. Of course, there's a catch. Jack is just the right size to fit through the shed window to borrow Dad's favourite fishing lure. There's also another job for Jack, he's to be the lookout to spot crocodile bubbles while Tom and his mate fish for barramundi. Daisy all alone It's and Daisy's worst nightmares have come true.

    She's alone on the streets, separated from her family, and things get worse when the police send her to live at the Melbourne Orphanage. At least she doesn't have to scavenge for food scraps anymore but, with no family and no freedom, Daisy is miserable. When she hears some shocking news, Daisy decides it's time to plot a daring escape. Daisy in the mansion It's , Daisy has been adopted and whisked away to a beautiful mansion.

    She's to be a companion to Annie, a girl with a mysterious illness. While Daisy's new life is full of luxuries she could never have imagined, what she wants most is the thing her new parents can't provide. She wants the freedom to find her real family before it's too late. Daisy on the road It's and Daisy has finally had news that her dad is alive.

    He's gravely injured somewhere in the bush and, although she doesn't know quite where, Daisy is determined to find him.

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    With help from old friends, she sets off on her way. But life on the road is hard and, before long, disaster strikes. Dancing Brumby Choopa is a dancer. When he hears the music of the waltz streaming into the cold night air of the high mountains, he dances.

    The Loom Of Time

    Far below, a child's voice called: 'there's a tiny horse dancing on the pass. And so the stories begin of the little blue roan foal with the strange, misshapen legs, who dances like an angel. Dandaloo fears for her little foal's safety, and with Son of Storm, Wingilla and Bri Bri, leads him up into the highest mountains, away from the threat of man. But one man, a man who trained Lippizaner horses at the Spanish riding school, will not give up his search for this unique foal who weaves a spell around all who see him dance. Dancing Brumby's Rainbow Choopa, the blue-roan dwarf foal is a natural dancer and was trained as a Spanish dancing horse until he escaped and made his way back home to the beautiful snow country.

    Now Choopa must start fending off increasing attacks from Old Strawberry, the herd leader.