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Each one of us has a unique vibratory fingerprint. Each of our body parts has a standard optimum vibratory rate too and any deviation from that signifies a degree of disease. Likewise, each disease or harmful substance to the body, each physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance, but also each remedy has a particular frequency or vibrational rate. Accepting that all is energy, Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These vibrations can be expressed in numerical values which are known as ' rates' or in the form of Geometric Patterns.

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These provide the means by which the practitioner identifies and treats disease. Each radionic rate produces a unique geometric shape in a very specific vibrational range i. This shape exists on a multi dimensional level and is inverted by by the machine, which means that it compliments the dysfunctional organ or imbalanced condition.

Our own bad energy, for example is being turned degrees, thereby neutralized and then sent back to us. The radionic rates are entered by means of calibrated dials on a radionic instrument. The instrument sends the rates to the diseased organism in the form of electro-magnetic energy, correcting the vibration of the affected area. The system works on the principle of resonance. Much like a string played on one violin will cause the string of another in close proximity to vibrate too, the imbalanced area of the organism will entrain its vibration to the correcting vibration sent to it resulting in its optimum health level.

During a distant treatment, a treatment need to be given a direction, which is a witness hair sample or photograph is placed on the witness plate. To give it purpose, the rates are set on the dials. The witness is used for testing and treatment. The witness is unique to each person in the same way as our thumb imprints are. The witness, through its holographic quality, will show the energy balance of the owner at the time the sample is tested, even though he himself may be far away. Distant sending and receiving is similar to the sending and receiving of radio and television waves.

The radionic practitioner, in making his analysis, uses the principle of dowsing or radiesthesia to detect the disease in much the same way as the dowser detects the location of water, oil or mineral deposits. By means of a series of mentally posed questions, he obtains information about the health of his patients to which the conscious thinking mind has no direct access. Radionics Morphogenetic Theory: The next step in the evolution of radionics is morphogenetics.

Radionics thus is the way to scan and instruct morphogenetic fields. Everything in our world is surrounded and penetrated by electromagnetic fields, whether object, plant or animal. Each field contains complete information about its surroundings and keeps in contact with all fields of its own kind. Electromagnetic fields are the link between all and everything.

Morphogenetic fields are an electromagnetic phenomenon and can therefore be altered by electromagnetic oscillations. Obviously, the electric fields of direct-current altered the morphogenetic field in such a way that the same species was still recognisable but strongly modified in its form. Electromagnetic fields can have dramatic impact! Magnetic field therapy is also used very successfully in medicine, for example with sports injuries this kind of therapy is appreciated because its proven effects can also be verified in classical medicine.

Radionics instruments also work with electromagnetic fields, which can be instructed. The word "information" bares in its root the meaning that something is in formation.

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In radionics, this information may be the oscillation of a homeopathic agent, a nosode or similar, which can then be transferred to any target object. We will later on deal with the actual how radionics really work in more detail but let us first look at a general explanation of how radionics work. The examination of magnetic fields and electric current might best illustrate how radionics works: When there is an electric current in a cable red line in the diagram , a magnetic field develops automatically around the cable blue line in the diagram.

If the electric current is intensified or lessened for example with a dimmer, the magnetic field changes accordingly. If a measuring device for magnetic fields is put next to a cable, the exact current can be determined without the cable touching the measuring device. When the current is switched off, the magnetic field also disappears. If however, an artificial magnetic field is created around the cable with a magnet, similar to when there was a current - the light bulb glows although the light switch is off!

This phenomenon is called "induction" in electronics and describes the fact that not only electric current induces magnetic fields but also the other way round, that magnetic fields also induce electric currents. Magnetic fields are, just like the morphic fields, an invisible electro magnetic phenomenon.

Radionics instruments are constructed in such a way that it can analyse the morphogenetic field surrounding an object. It identifies the deficiencies of the scanned field and then removes those with radionic impulses. The analogy of the above described phenomenon, the induction of electric current through magnetic fields, suggests that the "repairing process" of a morphogenetic field surrounding an object, also affects the object according to the - now healthy - field.

Just like a magnetic field can induce electric current in a switched off circuit line, a well instructed morphogenetic field can also induce a desired materialistic change. The morphogenic principal in radionics can thus be seen as the transformation process that take place during a radionic treatment, or the entrainment process of and organ structure. As professor Harold Saxton Burr once stated, "So far as our present information goes, there is unequivocal evidence that wherever there is life, there are electrical properties.

As an example, Burr points to the human body. Its molecules and cells are always being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat. But thanks to the controlling L-Fields, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves as the old ones. The bodies L-Fields "serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the 'shape' or arrangement of any material poured into it.

I'm not going to go to great lengths to 'prove' that the L-Fields exist, if you want 'proof' then read a good book on the topic. What I am going to discuss is "Applications" and not "Descriptions". Burr proved that the L-Field can be influenced directly by external phenomena by measuring the voltage gradients of a number of trees over a period of 30 years.

He found that the L-Fields of the Trees fluctuated with sunlight, darkness, sunspots, magnetic storms and moon cycles. From this we can. It can be argued therefore, that the universe is an electrical field and that everything that exists in it is a subsidiary or component part of the total field. Burr's theory is founded.

The late George De La Warr, radionics pioneer, explained that "a basic idea in radionics is that each individual, organism, or material, radiates and absorbs energy via an energy field peculiar unto itself. The more complex the material, the more complex the waveform. Living things like humans emit a very complex wave spectrum of which parts are associated with the various organs and systems of the body. And in most of all the cases the radiation under consideration is the human waveform.

Radionic energies are subtle energies that the operator of the device detects by using the nerves of their hands to detect these energies, which have been 'tuned in' by the Radionic device. Establishing the necessary 'sensitivity' to detect these energies is a requirement to competently use any Radionics device. Establishing 'resonance' with the radiations of the individual, measuring their amplitude and then finding the remedy which best resonates with a particular malady. Thus the organ or system is returned to its healthy rate of vibration. Radionics treats the aura of man as part of his physical body, since all the inner organs of man are affected by this L-field.

It is assumed that you understand that all matter has a rate of vibration, which is peculiar to itself.

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To have a rate of vibration is to have a rhythmical pattern of recurring periods wherein the energy of the vibration changes from one value to another. In such a situation, the frequency of a system is said to oscillate between certain maximum values. Benoit used snails in his experiments, as he felt that a certain form of rapport was operative in the animal kingdom This is a classic morphogenetic concept.

First, he paired of 52 snails and allowed them to become well acquainted by living together in separate pairs. Then on each pair, he wrote a letter of the alphabet, two A's, two B's, and so on. One set of alphabet labeled snails was sent to America, and the other retained in Paris. At a predetermined time, in Paris, an electric shock was applied to a snail, say snail E. Simultaneously snail E in America reacted in sympathy, exhibiting a kind of erratic behavior.

Several snails were shocked and it was possible to transmit a simple message by 'snail telegraph'! But the unique feature of his endeavor was to show that rapport exists between a physical object and a photograph of that object. A photo was taken of a snail and sent to the town of Evesham, 40 miles away. In Oxford the animal was placed in an apparatus whereby Histogram readings could be taken.

In Evesham, which was linked to Oxford by telephone, the snails photograph was intermittently exposed to certain light energies which were successful in producing responses registered by the Histogram in the Oxford Laboratory. Similar experiments were carried out with human subjects and their photographs; with several energy stimuli such as light, sound, color, ultraviolet, and infra-red radiations, and magnetism.

In each instance Histogram readings indicated that a state of rapport existed between the subject and his photographic image. Other De La Warr research suggests that rapport holds, over great distances, between an individual and his blood or hair specimens, fingernails, and other bodily fluids. Dowsing Radiesthesia Radiesthesia is the science dealing with the study of energy fields.

Successful use of a pendulum is central to successful Radionic testing.


Here are some tips:. The size of the weight depends on your personal preference. The pendulum is an extension of your hand it never leaves your own energy field. There is no energy transfer between patient and practitioner when you do a diagnosis on someone. We use the pendulum to increase our sensitivity in detecting a condition just as we would detect vibes when we step into a room at times. We actually use the pendulum only because we are not ready to trust our intuition our unlimited abilities.

When using a pendulum what is most important is what you are comfortable with.

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Have faith in your ability to use the pendulum. Trusting the answers you get is the only rule. Sit at a table so you can support your arm. Have a peace of paper with a circle on it in front of you. Relax and be at ease, focus and check your mind set. It is important that you talk to your pendulum you need to let your higher self know what you want from it.

Be careful to formulate your question correctly. Ask your pendulum to show you its positive YES swing. This can be one of the following: clockwise, anti-clockwise, horizontal or vertical. Once it is established, ask for your negative NO swing. These will be your modus operandi from now on. If you get no response, give your higher self a hint by deliberately swinging your pendulum in a particular way for the YES swing and another for the NO swing.

This is just to prod our brain to understand what we want. Practice until you have established a good swing. When penduluming a witness, it may be done with the witness on the plate over the plate or with the witness on the table next to the machine whichever feels right. Ask the pendulum as you slowly turn up the energy and potency levels starting from zero.

If the pendulum does not respond: you may be tired - take a break and try again you may not be asking the question in the right way or you may not be specific enough there may be no potency for the remedy although this is highly unlikely there may be an energy block in the patient which is remedied by running wiping a magnet across the witness several times.

The essential ingredient to the success of a radionic treatment is our intent. Our intention to heal someone is the foundation of the healing process. The radionic machine is dead without intent. However, it has been said that Radionics is a form of telepathy. Jaco has found that we need not connect mentally and psychically with clients beyond our intent to heal.

This frees us to have an off day and still be able to treat clients. It is the belief of the mainstream that thought is the medium of broadcast which we had disprove. Radionics is a ether instrument. Basic to Radionics is the knowledge that Ether and thought both fills the same space and that ether has the qualities of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. All radionic information transmitted by an electromagnetic field possesses these three qualities.

A few thoughts on thoughts: Thought is life, what we think, we are. Our thought creates our environment, our thoughts constitute our world. The body is a product of the mind and under the control of the mind and we are in control of what we put into our mind. Every thought we think, is a boomerang. An evil thought is thrice cursed: firstly it harms the thinker by doing injury to their mental body. Secondly, it harms the person who is the object of the thought and thirdly it harms all mankind by vitiating the whole mental atmosphere. They would individually determine the rate for any substance or idea given to them by means of pendulum and machine, building it dial by dial.

The resulting rates were only accepted if they coincided if all 6 dowsers came up with the same rate. The rates for the Base 44 are now established through a closely guarded secret formula based on sacred geometry, specifically the golden mean triangle structure. This secrecy is deemed necessary because of the danger of misuse of formulas. When using Base10 radionic machines, Jaco usually teaches people how to pendulum rates and has proven the pendulum method to be equally successful.

Radionic testing: The scope of Radionics in theory is unlimited; in practice it is limited by the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise of the practitioner. At one level it can be used to determine the structural and functional integrity of the body, and to identify the causes of disease hidden within. At another level, determining the states of the body's energy centers chakras provides a picture of energy flows in the body and enables the practitioner to gain a deeper insight into the reasons behind certain physical and psychological imbalances. To this may be added an analysis of the qualities of energy within specific psychic structures.

A synthesis of this data reveals physical and psychological strengths, weaknesses, limitations and capacities, providing patients with insights into the personal and spiritual aspects of their nature, which can prove most useful during periods of crisis and stress. Disclaimer: Radionics does not profess to medically diagnose, prescribe or cure.

A Radionics test or diagnosis is not a medical test or diagnosis, but a means of identifying and assessing the underlying causes of pathological states and their symptoms and measuring energy levels. The resultant analysis may differ from current medical opinion because the practitioner's approach is along para-physical lines. For a medical opinion or diagnosis of your health, you must consult with a qualified medical doctor. Radionics treats the etheric template - the vibrational counterpart of the physical body- its perfect energetic replica, thereby supporting and augmenting any conventional medical treatment aimed at the physical body.

It is safe and highly beneficial to treat women during pregnancy. Treatments will ease the birth process and greatly enhance the childs development. Conclusion Radionics as a treatment method is highly effective, elegantly simple, completely safe and without negative side effects. The treatment is non-invasive and cannot do harm. It can be used to compliment other forms of therapy, and its efficacy is such that it forms a complete system of healing on its own right.

Additionally, as we are working purely with the energy field, we can detect not only current imbalances, but also future and potential problem fields. Therefore, long before a problem will manifest as a physical symptom, it will show up on a Radionic test as an energy imbalance. Radionics is such a versatile system that lends itself to any healing modality. Areas in which we have done extensive research are: Acupuncture, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Spiritual healing, Colour healing, Crystal healing and the healing of sport injuries.

The Base The Base 44 is the result of over 25 years of research into Radionics, a healing approach in successful use since the early 's and the Base 44's particular use of sacred geometry patterns makes it unique in the world. Other radionic systems are all based on resistance like that of Abrams radionic system. In Jacos radionic system the rates build a geometric 3D form which has a life of its own much like a thought form does. The 3D forms are much purer though because they are rate built.

Rates are pure while thought forms are contaminated by interferences. The rates are sent in 3D just like minerals in periodic table have a 3D shape designated to them. All matter in the universe is made up of the elements on that table; therefore all matter is made up of 3 D shapes. It matches it through a hand- in- glove process. Just as the body addresses a virus by encapsulating and thereby isolating it with white blood cells so it cant do any harm and then attacking the virus, the vibrational signature will match the virus in a inversion hand in glove way, isolating it and then attacking it through the resonance principle.

The electrical input enhances the electromagnetic field around the magnets and is also used for the activation and disconnection of the treatments by means of the treatment switch. The machine interior consists of one doughnut shaped magnet, whose alignment is crucial - and many wires. For patent protect purposes, the electronic part of the interior is embedded in. We also apply the frequency as an electromagnetic signature rather than the actual frequency, this allow for a better absorption into the subtle bodies.

The effect can be seen as atom scattering it open up or spread the atoms within the subtle bodies allow for a more powerful energy transfer. More rates will be added as research is completed. Since Radionics is based on an energy system, it lends itself perfectly to all such healing systems. The idea is not to change the way Reiki had been practiced but rather to broaden the scope of the Reiki practitioner, enhancing his work. The Base 44 is priced at a fraction of the cost of its electric and electronic counterparts on the market, allowing Radionic therapy to become accessible to the general public for use at home as well as in the health practice.

Furthermore, it is built to last. All of the units which were built 20 years ago are still in perfect working order. There is the orange that will indicate power on, and the mode will display Red Led which will turn green the moment you press start. The two rows of dials on the face plate of the machine allow you to set two different rates at the same time- rates are set from left to right.

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Dials not used must be turned to zero. This machine allow for basically four timing sequences which are; 1. A one minute time period for general treatment or remedy make up. A six minute time period mostly use for creams and ointments. A Pulse mode for long period treatment e,g, overnight 4. Scan mode which is part of the Bio Balance system, for body scanning. There are three outputs on the front panel 1. Bio Balance auto scan which connect to the probes see bio balance section at end 2.

Input Black this allow you to attach other equipment to the machine for example a copper plate or a larger well. Output Red this allow you to connect the output signal to things like tanks, or large copper or stainless steel plates, ideally for the treatment of large objects. Explanation of rates The radionic instrument has a number of calibrated dials, the numbers usually running from zero to As the instrument is set each dial will read a number and the final rate will be the assemblage of the numbers from each dial.

The instrument works on the principle of collective vibration the vibration obtained through all the dials. Each dial a part of the total vibration, the resultant complete, whole vibration is represented as remedies, disease, organs or commands. What is this vibration and how do we create it?

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Everything consists of a vibration and a molecular structure. Everything we see around us, living or material object consists of a definite molecular shape or structure and this structure has its own unique vibration. We can then say that every radionic rate corresponds to a molecular structure, created with a radionic instrument and that this structure represents the healing vibration. The radionic instrument creates its structure in the same way that sound or light could create a visible shape.

Let us presume that the dials represent a linear line and that there is a force of energy flowing on this linear line. Now if we cut this line at different angles to the linear line, what we create is a completely independent structure or vibration in a definite shape. The Rae geometric cards create the same structure or pattern as do the radionic rates. Notes on rates - When working with instruction rates, the object to be worked on is entered in the top row eg skin and the instruction eg restore in the bottom row - the more specific the request, the better the healing.

It is possible to make new rates purely with the pendulum and if it works and works for two other practitioners too, even if doesnt correspond exactly to the mathematical equation, the universe has accepted it as valid and it will work. They are not a substitute for spiritual growth, but rather are to be used as a support in the conventional ways of raising ones vibration. Treating a dam, for instance, Jaco treats it like a human being: the inlet is the mouth, the outflow the anus.

Use the normal organ structure. Energies and potencies arent too different for each. The more specific you are, the more effective the treatment - If throat is entered in the top row and rectify all defects in the bottom row, defects in the throat will be rectified and not all defects in the whole body because of practitioner intent, although related organs that form part of the same body system might be treated to enable the throat itself to normalize.

A hind leg becomes a leg, while the foreleg becomes an arm. Rate abbreviations T. C is loss of coordination Patience dock refers to the flower patience Vaccines, Cortisone and vitamines are anti side effects as well as acting as an energetic vaccine. Just below the dials is the potency dial for setting the potency of the rate sent. The idea of potency is based on the homeopathic principle of dilution: the higher the potency, the more powerful the vibration.

The potency must be chosen according to the clients need- not everybody will benefit from high potencies. An example of this would be animals, where we normally use very low potencies 3X to 12X because of their lower vibrational rate. Next to the potency dial is the energy dial which is used to adjust the amount of actual energy in your remedy. Energy power is different to potency in the sense that it may be described as wattage. This dial must be set between 25 and Note: most homoeopathic remedies bought at a pharmacy, or made on other radionics potentisers will rarely have a power level of more than Explanation of the potency and energy dials - Potency relates to the potentization of a remedy; how dilute a substance is i.

The higher the potency, the higher the potentization, the lower the actual remedy content in the water and the more it affects the subtle bodies and the less the physical body. Compare a big with a small piece of quartz crystal. One is a tiny piece, the other a massive chunk. The bigger piece radiates much more energy, yet both are the same type of quartz have the same potency.

The vibrations are the same, the difference is purely quantitative. It is better to gradually put the energy level up over a number of treatments The potency and energy differs slightly from treatment to treatment, but evens itself out over time. That is why we treat the recipient with the potency and energy established at the initial treatment unless the rates treated with change. There are no guidelines to general potency and energy settings for eg Houses, Intersections of traffic Plants: single versus a whole field of crops Big animals such as horses Medium animals such as big dogs Small animals such as birds Insects Animals generally have a lower vibration and therefore lower potency than humans but there is no difference between big or small animals.

Plants vibrate at a rate in between humans and animals. Anything organic treat at a potency of around 50M and anything emotional and mental at higher than that. For an overnight treatment on pulsate, pendulum the potency and set the energy between 75 and There are three copper plates on the machine. The left one is the input plate, the middle the witness plate and the right one the output plate. Explanation of witness plate When a witness is placed on the witness plate, the vibration of the witness goes along the wire to the dials where the collective vibration or rate is added to the vibration of the witness.

The total vibration is then put into the ether. Ether is in everything and everybody in the universe even when two people are thousands of kilometers apart and is the carrier wave of all energy. Although we say that we broadcast or transmit, we must understand that the healing takes place within the ether inside the radionic instrument. We as souls are all one one with the Universal energies which has no boundaries.

This vibration will then find the owner of the witness and will enter their aura. This happens instantaneously as time is not a factor. When we put a witness on the witness plate, we give the vibration on our dials a direction and purpose without which it would merely dissipate into the ether. It is important to realize that all conditions are energy related and can therefore be corrected.

Photos as witness Any picture may be used as long as the negative has not been destroyed, or, in the case of digital images, a backup copy of it has been kept either on pc or another storage device. The silicone contains the essence of the energy form of the picture.

Silica, being quartz, stores the vibration. If the original is in colour, a black and white copy of it may be used to minimize printing costs. Printing the picture off the PC is fine. The picture need not be recent. Even a picture taken as a baby will do as long as the original is still in existence. A picture can never be too small for witness purposes because even the tiniest part of the whole contains all of the whole. If there are other people in the background, your intent will ensure that the treatment will go to the client and not the others eg as in the case of Cam holding his snake.

When a whole house is to be treated, a picture of part of it will do as long as the intent is to treat the whole Hair or other as witness Hair locks are taken and may be stored in little plastic bags. It does not matter if the bags are close together. The witnesses will not contaminate each other. Plant samples taken fresh will eventually dry out in the bags.

They lose some of their energetic essence, but their signature is still strong enough for witness purposes. The buzzer button not only acts as timer, but also connects and disconnects the treatment to safeguard against accidental over treatment. If there is nothing on the plate and the machine is switched on, then there is no direction no witness nor purpose no rates set for the energy. You have the ability to either treat someone for the standard treatment time one minute or to use the pulsate facility when longer treatment periods are called for as in for instance over-night treatments.

The square time button activates the treatment. If the pulsate option is chosen, the treatment will continue until manually de-activated. Treatment time Initially Jaco used a two minute treatment duration because it takes 2 minutes and 18 seconds to complete one positive astrological cycle. However, the international trend is to treat for one minute rather than two.

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Jaco has set his new machines to 1 minute. Actually, only 10 to 30 seconds are necessary. Treatment frequency and duration Seen in terms of a sine curve, the treatment spikes immediately, then continues at that level and starts dissipating at 3. Maximum space between treatments should therefore not exceed 3 days. After each treatment, an increasingly higher residue is left so that after a period of about 6 weeks, treatments every 3 days should no longer be necessary and the client should be put on a maintenance treatment program of more widely spaced treatments.

The more often the treatments occur, the better because the residue builds up more quickly. The client is also kept more stable this way he is in a DC current, less of an up and down than the AC current. However, the client does not necessarily get better more quickly with more frequent treatments.

Over-treating and treating for the wrong thing The machine can do no harm. Over-treating on some rates will simply cause a detox or slight temporary organ discomfort, but no serious effects. The body wont take more of a remedy than it needs. A full glass cannot be filled up more. The wrong rate will dissipate into the ether.

The energy sent will just go through the recipient because there is not need for it; it finds nothing to resonate with. There are no diseases that you should be careful of treating. To be able to treat someone, you need to know what you want to treat him for. Thus an analysis is very important and it is something that you will have to be able to do. Normal treatment: Assuming that you know what you want to treat and that you have found the rates you want to use: a. Treating by means of a witness a.

We do not have the right to infringe on someone elses life path. Practical uses: xiii. Making a remedy o Making a remedy from a rate, using the dials only: a. Making a remedy from a sample of any substance: power on place the sample into a container into the input plate place the medium to be potentised distilled water, moistened sac lac or aqueous cream into a container into the output plate rate switches off set the potency and energy select treatment activate treatment remove the potentised medium from the output plate.

With the machine power on place the remedy into the input plate rate switches off. Notes on remedies A minimum of one minute is required for liquids and 6 minutes for sac lac or aqueous cream. Time spent charging in excess of 10 minutes has no additional effect. Only if you use alcohol for your remedy, can you use it as stock. Readers who are intrigued and open-minded to studying all these areas will find this book an absolute must-read.

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